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arthurian_rp's Journal

The Game
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The Game: behind the scenes of the court is the Game. Everyone is a player in the Game, whether they know it or not. If they are not a player, they are a piece, a pawn, moved by the whims and magics of others without any knowledge at all. Everyone is a part of something bigger, everyone is a part in the Game.

This is an Arthurian Roleplay, for players of a certain and distinct caliber. We are just in the very beginnings of play, so things are still getting et up. If you would like to apply for a character, please send me an email at hippy_hobbit77@hotmail.com, or contact me on my lj account, hardnottowander. Any characters related to Arthurian Mythology are related and OCs are also allowed, provided, of course, they are not Mary Sues, Gary Stues, etc.

As for the issue of time in accordance to the plot, there have been many discussions reguarding what period of years during the period of Arthurian myths this roleplay should take place in. We have come to the conclusion that it would be unfair to set it during any particular period of years, even more, period of weeks, because this would be hard to get some peoples favored Arthurian characters in. So, instead, all roleplays in this community will be allowed to take place during any period of time involving Arthurian Myths. This means the actual mythology, not something like the characters in the future or in a different time period or setting. This would mean a range of pre-Ambrosious one generation to post-Arthur, one generation about, although most all RPs should try to stay centralized between Uther and before the end of Arthur. You characters may also play a wide range of ages during the roleplay. I should like to set up a timeline once we get more players of characters ages and such. The only rule we hold with that would be that everything that has happened in roleplays set in the past must be relevent for everything in the future. The one thing we ask is that you post the era in which the roleplay would take place in in the heading of your post. If that is too confusing for you, please don't hesitate to ask questions! See the 'Web Page' link for the application page.